Changelog v1.7

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Changelog v1.7

Postby Jerm » Thu Mar 03, 2016 11:22 pm

Hey everyone! I hope that you are all enjoying the site as much as we are at Because Hockey! I've got some exciting news to share with everyone about the changes that are happening right now and coming to the site!

  • Added dropdown to every team page for easier navigation between teams.
  • AHL page is live! Team pages will be going live as they are built/updated.
  • USHL page color scheme fixed to better fit official colors.
  • Home page NHL, AHL, USHL banners have been colored their respective page colors.

  • All USHL team pages are now live!
  • Updated the USHL page and individual USHL team pages color schemes to better match their respective official team logos.
  • Social media scoreboard is now live! Providing followers with scores from the NHL, AHL, USHL, and the World Cup of Hockey DAILY.
  • Updated Puckin Drunk logos from NHL 16 to NHL 17.
  • All NHL team pages are fully updated with stat leaders and results from the 2015-2016 season.

  • nhl16.html is now puckindrunk.html in preparation for the release of NHL 17
  • Removed (NHL16) from navigation menus in both normal site and blogs
  • Added WCoH schedule to home page

  • About Us page and Contact Us pages are now live!
  • Added About Us links to all updated page navigation bars
  • Page banners added for "Shop", "Puckin Drunk", "Blogs", and "Boards".

  • NHL draft page with results from the 2016 draft is now live! Results are sorted by team.

  • Updated the NHL page and individual NHL team pages color schemes to better match their respective official team logos.
  • Added "Support" and "Suggestions" topics to the Boards
  • Fixed footer to align text properly
  • Added "Back to top" link to bottom right of all updated pages for better page navigation

  • Added footer to all updated pages
  • Changed main page colors in honor of the Tri-City Storm
  • Added Shop to all updated page navigation/shop is now LIVE

  • Added team color to stats tables
  • Changed font of stats headers
  • Added "NHL, AHL, USHL" headers to homepage standings for separation and to make them standout more
  • Fixed mobile menu box colors so that menu remains in tact when pressed
  • New Blog home that is going live with every updated page
  • Changed all homepage standings to playoff race style
  • Added month/year to team schedules for better readablilty

Thank you everyone for your continued support! Stick around, there's still more to come!

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