Because Life

Life is a funny thing.

Quite a few years ago, I lived with basically 4 other guys in a make shift 4 bedroom duplex.  It was an quite the experience.  We were all young and not going to college, just partying too much and didn’t really have a care in the world.  The outside world just didn’t matter too much at the time, hell, I even burnt up my car engine because I didn’t but oil in the damn thing.  But the best part of this strange 13 month journey was how close we all came together.  We all had our bedrooms but hardly ever spent time in them, instead we had a big living room with 3 TVs and spent all of our time in there.  We all had our own game on each TV, our own electronics spread out everywhere with cords going every which direction, and we just hung out and did our thing.  It was a great time.  I got to enjoy watching the Green Bay Packers win their most recent Super Bowl there surrounded by my closest friends (and an insane amount of beer).  I got to enjoy watching the Tampa Bay Lighting make their way to Game 7 of the Conference Finals in epic fashion; coming back down 3-1 against the Penguins to win in Game 7 in the first round, then sweep our division rival Washington Capitals at the time in the second round.  Then, got to enjoy probably my personal favorite Stanley Cup Final series between the Boston Bruins and the Vancouver Canucks.  For those that don’t know or remember, this was a nasty series and the Bruins ultimately won in Game 7, in Vancouver, and everyone rioted.  Vancouver burnt down their own hockey loving town after they got routed at home 4-0 and I stayed up all night watching live coverage of it.

It literally lit a spark in me.

“Lets make a hockey site.”

I’m not exactly sure when the words actually came out of my mouth, or Jeremy’s, but it stuck with us both.

I had exactly zero knowledge of how to do it or what to even put on it (and was warned of this countless times) but I just thought it was our calling card.

After our wasted year (and a month because our landlords were stupid), we found a bigger place.  Things didn’t exactly change too much, but they didn’t completely stay the same either.  We were a bit more responsible, found better jobs or moved up in them, still made some mistakes, but the one thing that was a constant was hockey.

Instead of going to the bars on the weekends (and I was freshly 21), we would stay home and watch hockey and play NHL on Xbox and Playstation.  We would talk about hockey 24/7.  Then, at some point, the idea of creating our own hockey….thing…came up.  Jeremy was good at the computer side of things, and I liked to write, just not about something I wasn’t either passionate or knowledgeable about or it usually didn’t turn out too good.  The problem was it was going to be a lot of work and neither of us really knew what to do with it once we put some work into it.

Kind of a lot like life.

This website has been up and running since March of 2016.  In that amount of time, from last March until now, there have been a lot of changes not only in my life but in a lot of my friends and family.

Site creator and constant workaholic of Because Hockey, Jeremy, now has a wife and a little baby girl.

One of my closest friends has gone from backpacking across Europe with his girlfriend, to moving back to Nebraska as a single and searching man, to living as a happy bachelor in Washington.

My brother has gone from not being able to leave the county, to a free man.

Those are just three close examples of how much life can change in the span of 18 months.

For me, I’m still searching for something.  There have been a few times in my life where I thought I had a grasp of “Hey, this is where life is taking me and I guess I’m ok with it” only to realize that I wanted off of that path.  Sometimes for reasons I understood and sometimes for reasons I am still trying to figure out.  And you know what, that is an ok thing.

In life, and in this website, the whole thing is a journey, and you can’t be afraid to take it.  We are still constantly trying to figure out what to put on our site, what to write about, how to do all the things we want to do with our creation, and that is what just about everyone is going through in their own lives.  Everyone is trying to figure out what they want to do, how they are going to be happy, and how they are going to be able to do all the things to make those work.  Sometimes you just have to quit worrying and start taking things one step at a time.

You can’t be afraid to take new chances.  This website isn’t perfect, life isn’t perfect, but this website is here because of a intense passion to create it.  Your life is yours, and if you want to change something, create something, pursue something, go do it.  It may not work perfect or be the perfect fit but if you work at it, if you want it enough, it could be.  And if it still isn’t what you want after you work at it, then you can change it right up again.  Approach new angles or new ideas and find what makes you happy.  Everyday you have to see at least one person and deal with that same person the whole entire day, forever, and that person is you.  You have to be able to be happy with what you have created for yourself.  And the best part of it is, if you aren’t happy with what that is so far, you do have the power to change that.  Don’t sell yourself short of pure happiness.

While this might seem like more of a diary post than anything related to hockey, it’s just something I have wanted to write and wasn’t sure how to write it or when to do it.  I also figured it would do more good here than it would in my notebook at home for only my eyes to see it sometime down the line.  It has been a crazy 18 months for me and I have felt a lot of different emotions, and through all of those times I discovered a little bit more about myself.  Times can get dark and life can get messy, but we all have the option to change that into something more beautiful than we ever could have imagined.

Whether it is a hockey website, a cramped duplex with close friends, or your own personal journeys, just remember this is what you make of it.

Because Life is a funny thing, and Because Hockey can come of it.